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What’s New - Recent Change History

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Reporting Date

Description of Change

27 May 2024

With regret I report the passing of Huw Griffith. Notified by Merv Kelly. The family wish the funeral to be private, with no outside attendees or donations, thank you.

22 Mar 2024

Change of email address for Bruce Owens.

6 Jan 2024

With regret I report the passing of Tony Withers on 2 Jan 22024. Reported by an East Anglian Apprentice Association member. Tony was a keen attendee of group meetings including our regular Tuesday Walkers event, even though wheelchair bound. The funeral is strictly family only with no floral tributes.

5 Jan 2024

John Longstaff contact details updated (effective 9th Jan).

2 Dec 2023

With regret I report the passing of John Irish after a short illness. Roger Garford relayed the sad news from John’s wife Jean.

7 Sept 2022

2022 Triennial and Reunions reports and pictures.

11 April 2022

With regret I report the passing of Paul Holmes on 3 April 2022 after progressive illness. Reported by his wife June via Chris England.

2022 reunion information updated.

2 March 2022

This received from Gordon Hadley , Jim Hadley’s Brother. Jim was in 96th B Flight - Elect Air.

Jim is a resident of Holy Cross Care Home, Heathfield,  Sussex..

He has few visits as I live 250ml away,  He would like to hear from  any of the 96th Entry.

He has no Email address, but he can be contacted by phone at Holy Cross:    Jim Hadley, Room 36.    Tel: 01435 863764.

7 January 2022

General admin stuff - contact details and listings updated.

6 July 2021

With regret I report the passing of Roger (Boris) Smith on 18 June 2021. Reported by his sons to Merv Kelly.

11 May 2021

With regret I report the passing of Rod Fuller on 30 Sept 2019. This has only just been brought to our notice and has been confirmed by reference to the Burnley register of deaths.

11 March 2021

With regret I report the recent passing of Dave Simpson after a short spell in hospital. Reported by Frank Baldry.

18 October 2020

Tony Robson’s contact details updated - see his Individual Page.

9 October 2020

Ian Nelson has moved within the town. Details updated on Individuals Pages.

8 July 2020

Jock Withey contact details updated.

21 June 2020

John Bean found us. Added to On-Parade and potted history posted in Individuals Pages.

Notification that 2020 Reunion is cancelled.

23 May 2020

John Cordell found us. Added to On-Parade - B Flt Elect Air and a potted history posted in Individuals Pages.

1 February 2020

New email for Malcolm Swaisland.

13 December 2019

Jim Howe found us. Added to On-Parade and potted history posted in Individuals Pages.

20 November 2019

With regret I report the recent passing of Pete Garrett out in North East Thailand. Reported by his son Tony to Mel Thompsett.

30 September 2019

Chris (Gwyn) Stoyle’s contact details updated (Shetland Isles).

2 September 2019

Details of the 2020 Reunion added - see Reunions Page.

16 July 2019

With regret I report the passing of Martin Brown and Stan John.

Bruce Owen has relocated to Malta.

20 May 2019

Contact details updated for R Honnor, I Nelson, J Duff, J Crawford, G Wood.

Prelim warning of next reunion.

18 Nov 2018

Bill Sandiford has moved to Wiltshire. Full contact details available from Frank Baldry. Thanks to Malc Swaisland for tracking him down and the update.

8 Nov 2018

Gordon Sherratt has moved to Lincolnshire.

20 May 2018

Changes made to Admin Pages to conform with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Essentially nothing much changes as we only hold and display information about you that you have given us permission to so do. We do not require you to login hence we do not actively collect other data from you nor do we routinely pass any given data on to 3rd Parties without good reason. We believe this accords with the regulation.

4 Feb 2018

I  sadly inform you of the passing of Geoff Busby on 26th January 2018 from lung cancer. Notified by his wife Doreen. Funeral - 2PM on 21st Feb at Swindon Crematorium.

Change of contact details for Chris England - now living in Buxton, Norwich.

27 Nov 2017

New email for Tim Eyles. Link in Contacts - On Parade amended to suit.

18 Sept 2017

As reported in the Haltonian I regret to announce the passing of  Mal White on 9 May 2017.

29 June 2017

Jack Houseman found us - if you want to contact him there is an email link to his name in the On-Parade page.

12 April 2017

Andrew Mobbs has shared the sad news of the passing of his father Bill Mobbs at Elgin on 6th July 2015. Bill had a personal chapter in  our on-line book ‘And Then’. Ian Nelson and Al Mackie attended the funeral.

28 Jan 2017

Demise of Roger McNally in 2013 reported by The Haltonian magazine - verified by the HAA Office staff.