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On behalf of the 96th Entry I (R Honnor) legally own the www.halton96th.co.uk and www.halton96th.org.uk domain names.

They were purchased from 123-Reg, who can be recommended as a reputable and keenly priced trader. 123-Reg also provides automatic renewals that ensure we never lose the names by default of non payment of renewal fees.

The .co.uk name is used for the current in-use web site and the .org.uk as a site test, rebuild and storage area.

There is a link to the .org.uk site above.

The 'spare' site has a link back to the current in-use site so no worries about remembering which is which or where to go.

Remember as a member of the 96th Entry these are your web sites, so please let me know using this @ link if you have any ideas for the web-site, either for the design or layout, what things you would like to see added or even things you would like removed.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

What personal data do we collect and process about you as a site user:

We only hold such data about you as you have freely provided and given us permission to publish on our sites. We do not actively collect data.

Where we obtain the data from:

Such data is provided by you directly, usually by email contact. We do not gather any personal data from the web sites.

What we do with that data:

We only post on site such data as you have given us permission to so do, usually an email link and possibly an address or phone number. We will provide other members of the 96th Entry with your full contact details upon their request.

How we store the data:

Web site pages are stored on a secure server by our site host service. These pages can only be unlocked and amended by the site webmaster. All other data about our Entry members is stored on a separate personal computer by our data controller.

Who we transfer/disclose that data to:

Your data will only be disclosed to someone who has provided a genuine reason to see that data, such as a known member of the 96th Entry or a person who to our satisfaction can prove past ties with you, such as ex-RAF personnel who have served with you.

How we deal with your data protection rights:

We hold your data with your permission, but upon your written request we will purge our records of all such data. In the unfortunate event of your demise, then upon the written request of your next of kin or other close family member.

How we comply with the data protection rules:  

To protect your privacy we hold your data as securely as possible and only disclose it with your agreement as published on our sites or direct to a 3rd party if we are satisfied their request for such data is valid.

All personal data is collected and processed to the best of our knowledge in accordance with Irish and EU data protection laws.

Web Site Hosting

Our sites are hosted on an paid annual renewal commercial basis from Dave Robinson.

Dave is 219th Entry and also runs their web-site accessible from our Links page. He is self employed and his business Content-Delivery deals in most internet areas, including web training, e-learning, web page design, web site hosting and other web services.

One interesting sideline of his is an on-line cross-word service. http://www.content-delivery.co.uk/crosswords/

You can contact Dave direct using this link.


This website does not use cookies, but our web host collects page hits for statistical purposes. These data are collected anonymously and do not affect your privacy.

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