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A Flight Room 2

18 Petersham Drive, Alvaston, Derby DE24 0JU


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This is info supplied by Tony:

Having been a sub-postmaster and local councillor in Ilfracombe in Devon, my wife Gill and I moved to Derby in December 1997 because we couldn't find suitable accommodation to cope with my MS in the Ilfracombe area and anyway the requisite welfare and medical services are better here. I say that despite being one of the County Councillors on the NHS liaison committee.

I worked for a short time in the Employment Service as a front-line member then moved on to work for Derby City Council as a temp in the Housing Department.

When I was off sick at the time of completing 2 years service the council declined to renew my contract. At that point, as I was already drawing a substantial part of a War Pension due to my lack of mobility, I had the chance to add an inability to work supplement for both Gill, as my carer, and I, so I also took early retirement from the council and we've been freed up to do our own things.

In 2003 and 2004 we spent 3 months early in each year on the south coast of Spain which helped us to get through the winters.

This year however Gill's been having a few problems with her eyesight so we've been hanging around here waiting to get specialist treatment. It's working but only slowly, so we're not sure what the future holds just yet, but I have to say that, since the Air Force knew about my MS in 1973 and didn't tell me, it gives me a nice warm feeling to be taking my nice monthly chunk of money straight out of the MOD(Air) pot of gold.

Also, I've had a few other thoughts on Entry members who I bumped into whilst I was still in the service.

I met Tony Benstead who was an officer, I think as a navigator, and David (NB Please don't call me "DES", no-one in my office knows about my former nickname) Maudesley an engineering officer who looked to be going places.

The last time I was in touch with Brian ("Scottie") Spence he was a Flt Lt at Benson in about 1990.

Both Bob Slack and Dick Wilson were at the RAF College Cranwell in No 91 Entry with me. We all commissioned in May 1967 though both Bob and Dick were engineering officers and I was a GD Nav.

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