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This is the e-mail received from Ron:

Just a quick line to say i have just read the 96th Entry info on your web site. I was totally enthralled - where have all the years gone?

I was an Armourer in A Flight, and a trumpeter in the band. Service No HO686534.

From Halton I went to Gaydon, then Aden; Waddington; Singapore, and ended my RAF career at Cottesmore in 1973.

Worked in a plastics injection moulding factory in Oakham until 1980, then joined British Aerospace in S. Arabia for 5 years.

Spent 9 years back in UK as a partner in Financial Services, then back to BAe and Saudi in 1994.

I am now in Dhahran, looking after an Ejection Seat Bay. Of my fellow Armourers I only know the whereabouts of Laurie
Tuffery, who is in Tabuk. I believe he has been out here for 20+ years.

Anyway, you can post this info about me if you wish, and reveal my email address just in case anyone would
like to get in touch.

Thank you for bringing back some good memories. I would be glad to send you more info if reqd.

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