Rick Leadbetter

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Richard Leadbetter (click the link to send an e-mail to Rick).

This is what Rick had to say:

It is difficult to describe the feelings I had when, after joining the 21st. century and going online, I found your site for the 96th Entry. What a flood of memories. You may want to update your list and mark Leadbetter as ' On Parade'.

I have read everything posted, and I think you've done a fantastic job. To see all those pics from so long ago gave me goose bumps.

I emigrated to Canada in 1967, to Calgary Alberta. I am living in Nanaimo, British Columbia, a beautiful place to be sure.

I will keep this short in case this email disappears into the ether. If you would like respond, I'll be happy to return email from anyone, like the Blackpool boy Johnny Gilbert, or the kayak builder Merv. (I think it was Merv, but my memory banks are wobbly).

Time to sign off, I think that little a'hole Corp. Curtis (the one who named Ashton "Noddy") is looking over my shoulder.

Regards, Rick Leadbetter

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