2022 Triennial

© 96th Entry

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 2022 – Halton Triennial Reunion – an account by Gordon Sherratt

The 96th Entry were represented by 11 members and some wives.

Unfortunately  Graham Castle had to cancel due to testing positive

with covid.

Parking this time was at Maitland square and then by bus to Henderson

square, except if they or wife had a blue badge when they could park

on Henderson square. The museum was open and also No 1 NAAFI. The

Golden Oldies also were also on parade.

Lunch this time was provided in the form of a lunch box in the

Henderson mess. After lunch break there was a flypast by the Lancaster

which did several flypasts.

Around 3pm all entries formed up on the square for a speech by Lord

Trenchard and then a short march past to fallout behind the Trenchard

Museum and bus back to Maitland square.

Group photo attached but no John Baldwin as he had disappeared when it

was taken. Pictured left to right Andy Vincent - Kevin Ledley - Ian Thompson - Merv Kelly - Tony Metcalfe (seated) - Alf Burton - Gordon Sherratt - Tim Eyles - Colin Woodland and John Longstaff.