Locating Missing Brats

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Seek And You Shall Find

Please use the AWOL list published on our site to try to locate those brats that are out of touch.

Other Entries report good results using BT's free on-line Directory Enquiries. This is ideal wet weekend activity so give it a go. Just pick the persons in the adjacent bed-spaces to you in your old room or those opposite, guess where they may be living now and go for it.

Other popular methods are using web contact areas - Post a message such as '...My name is xxx and I'm looking for yyy of the 96th Entry RAF Halton...' and sit back and wait.

There are links to these resources on our External Links page.

You can also try the various social media such as Facebook, etc.

As a target use the next reunion (see Reunions page) to try to find as many lost souls as you can. Some may not want to be involved - so be it, they are entitled to their privacy.

We would however like to know in any case about anyone you do manage to make contact with and the outcome so that the associated list can be amended in order to prevent other people chasing the same tail and possibly upsetting someone.

Please report your findings to Site Admin  through the Contact Us link on the front page.

Your help is very much appreciated.

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