Mike Watts

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Mike (Greg) Watts (click the link to send an e-mail to Mike)

Mike was originally on our 'C' Stores list but miraculously regenerated himself and contacted us.

He lives in Canada now and amongst other things, such a 30-wheeler instructor, he is also a radio-ham call-sign VE3ACW.

Mike says he is live on MSN Messenger most of the time if you prefer to use that method of communication rather than e-mail or amateur radio.

Here are a couple of pictures of Mike and his wife.

Update from Mike June 2013:

For the record:

Cell 519 694 8053.

E-mail, ve3acw@gmail.com.

Addr: 143 Arundell St, London, ON, N5Z 2K1.

I'll try and make the Sept reunion ; funds dependent.

Every time I hear a new rock/soul/blues/anything band I think of us bashing away in the stairwells or the (showers) I've forgotten what we called them but it wasn't showers !!

Glad to see that my Ham call sign can still find me worldwide.

Very best regards,

73 Mike VE3ACW

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