Those We Have Lost Forever

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Adcock T


Went aircrew and thought to have been lost in a flying accident.

Arnott DP


Engines - Succumbed to melanoma after many years. Verified by his son to John Boswell.

Atkinson J


Armament. - Died February 2005.

This link found on the web -

Near the bottom of the page his sister Margaret Boyd posts details.

Booth JM

John / Butch

Armament - Reported passed away 7 April 2012 in Adelaide, Australia by a member of the 95th Entry via Old Haltonians  Office. He had lived there for over 20 years after working in Saudia Arabia. John leaves wife Jessica, sons Craig and Andrew, daughter-in-law Luci and 3 grandchildren. John’s claim to fame was appearing in the film Battle of Britain.

Brenkley D


Airframes. Leeming - Died of cancer 1993. Buried in Horden cemetery, Co Durham. Verified by his niece Carol.

Brown MR


Airframes - later Sqdn Ldr -  Reported passed away July 2019.

Busby GW


Airframes. Lyneham - Died of cancer January 2018. Notified by his wife Doreen.

Cresswell MD


Died 25 May 2013.

D - E

Fuller RJ


Stradishall. Passed away 30 Sept 2019.

Fousert DR

David / Doc


Frost AE

Alec Edward / Jack

Church Fenton - Reported passed away 1964/65 in Bahrain, thought to be from a heart attack brought on by heat exhaustion. Death confirmed by Tony Meston who was on-site then and Peter Garrett who was a pall bearer at the funeral at the Military Cemetery in Bahrain where Alec was buried with full honours aged 21 years. This may be corroborated by the RAF Records Office.

Garrett P


Reported passed away by his son Tony and wife Luck via Mel Thompsett. Pete spent the last few years in North East Thailand near Laos.

Gibbons LL

Dental Tech - Uxbridge.

Gilbert JB


Airframes. Passed away 12 October 2011. Confirmed by Old Haltonians Office.

Griffith H


Engines. Passed away May 2024.

Hartley JM


Engines. Died of cancer 2007.

Hilder JDL


Holmes PA


Airframes - St Athan . Passed away 3 April 2022. Confirmed by his wife June via Chris England.

Irish JF


Armament - Leconfield. Passed away Nov/Dec 2023 after a short illness. Confirmed by his wife Jean to Roger Garford.

Jeffries DAW

Dental Tech - Uxbridge.

John SB


B Flt - Reported passed away 17th Jan 2019 after a stroke.


Ledsham NR


Airframes - Commissioned - Henlow - Sqdn Ldr.

Lewis J

John / Taff

Kemble - Flt Lt - confirmed lost in a mid-air collision with Red Arrows 1972 (Folland Gnat) - 2 aircraft - 4 pilots lost. Ref Red Arrows book.

This is a link to a photograph Brian Shackleton took of John’s grave  -

Marshall AC


Armament - Died of cancer January 2010. Contact with his wife Jenny can be made through the Entry secretary  - Cirencester GL7 5UH.

McNally R


Engines - His death in 2013 reported by The Haltonian magazine issue 74.

Meacham RW



Millam RC


Airframes - St Athan.

Mobbs W


Armament - His death in Elgin on 6th July 2015 recently reported by his son Andrew. Bill leaves a wife and two sons. Ian Nelson and Al Mackie attended the funeral.

N - O

Philpott RG

Robin / Bob

Airframes - Lyneham - Died of cancer 4 February 2015. Notified by his wife Pat to RAFHAAA.


Rouse JG

John / Taff

Elect Air - Lyneham - Died after long period in care.

Simpson DR


Airframes - Wattisham - Died after a short period in hospital

Smith RJ

Roger / Boris

Airframes - Lyneham. Died 18 June 2021.

Thomas AR

Roger / Taff

FSAA - Cranwell - Pilot Cadetship - lost in a flying accident in Malta (Canberra PR9).

Walsh JC

John / Paddy

Elect Air - Died of cancer 23 December 2011 in Cork, Ireland. Notified by his brother Patrick Walsh 92nd Entry Elect Air.

White MS

Mal / Chalky

Nav Inst - Mal’s death on 9 May 2017 report in the Haltonian magazine.

Withers AF


Inst Gen - then GD Nav - Passed Jan 2 2024. Reported by local HAA East Anglia group member.

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