Gwyn Stoyle

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In a letter Gwyn Stoyle tells how he found us via the web-site and sends the following information:

“I was Air Elect in B Flt and after Halton served at RAF Colerne in ASF and 36 Sqdn until Apr '67, then RAF Akrotiri at 103MU until Apr '70 and finally RAF Lyneham on 216 Sqdn.

After leaving the RAF I worked for Rank Xerox on photocopiers and electric typewriters until '91, then 5 years at Cardale Garage Doors until redundancy forced me into self employment repairing and servicing garage doors, which I still do at age 69.

In Apr '08 I became a part time Baptist Minister at Brae in the Shetlands where I still have 1 year to serve.

I have not had much contact with other 96th Entry souls but have met Colin Woodland on a few occasions.”

Gwyn also kindly made a donation to the Entry Fund - thank you.


Update by email from Gwyn - Sept 2019…

“Change of address and email as below.

I finally retired 3 years ago and moved out to this lovely little peninsula, 26 miles from the Shetlands capital town and 4.5 miles from Vidlin, which is our nearest shopping, etc.

Lunna was the early base for ‘The Shetland Bus’, the resistance work to and from here to Norway during WW2.

I am still active in the Churches in Shetland and family come up or we visit back to Wiltshire.”

North Hamnavoe, Lunnaness, Vidlin, Shetland, ZE2 9QF

Tel: TBD



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