Dudley Denham

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Dudley Denham (click the link to send an e-mail to Dudley).

Dudley left the 96th Entry to join the 89th Entry RAF College Cranwell. Left the RAF as a Wing Commander in 1996 under voluntary redundancy.

Trained airline captains (mainly KLM) in Crew Resource Management in Amsterdam, then worked for SERCO as a business development manager.

Retired fully April 2004.

Dudley has been married for 34 years and has a daughter. His wife is Australian and they spend 3-months of each year over there.

Not usually one for nostalgia, Dudley now admits that as years go by there is more interest in the whereabouts of old boys.

He also reckons that our graduation dinner was held at The Bell in Beaconsfield and that Taff Thomas gave a speech.

Dudley lives in Hemmingford Grey, Huntingdon, Cambs


Home: 01480 301741



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