Danny Veltman

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Danny Veltman (Click the link to e-mail Danny).

C Flight Room 6

Ripon North Yorks and Northern Cyprus


Home: 01765 604537

This is info supplied by Danny after he spotted that we had him on the Deceased list.

After much travelling and time I took a commission and became an education officer.

Having left the air force I did 10 years as an FE lecturer in Middlesbrough and have been

teaching in Leeds prison for the last 4 years (maths, literacy and IT).

I'm now living in Ripon N.Yorks.

I'm packing up working full time at the end of this week.

My wife, Ann and I are buying a villa (sounds posh) in N.Cyprus

I noticed that Malcolm Prior is on the unheard of list.

I saw and spoke to him at Waddington in 1987 when I set up a resettlement Jobs Fare.

He had organised a list of ex 96th so knew where many people were.

He was my contact in fact when we had the 25th reunion at Halton which I attended.

Haven't heard from him since and having moved so many times I've lost touch.

I'm fairly certain he was in the midlands somewhere.

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